Starting this company was not even a thought back in 2011. However, sometimes things happen for a reason and hobbies sometimes turn into businesses and that is exactly how Left Handed Photos came into existence.

My love for photography and devotion to my business were all sparked by my wife and daughter. I know, I know…. blah blah blah, give me the sappy tale, just hear me out and you will soon understand.

You know that saying every parent says to their kids or every adult talking to a teen with a broken heart or says their “IN LOVE?” You know the one that goes like this “You don’t know what love is until you have a child.” Yeah that one, well it’s true. I have never felt so much love in my life as I did the day my daughter arrived.

Now by all means my wife has been my love of my life, my high school sweet heart, my rock and my life, and my daughter entering the world just increased those feelings ten fold and has made us stronger as husband and wife, but…

My daughter entering this world was not one that was easy, she was a preemie and was born roughly five and half weeks early. Those of you that know the facts great just let me finish. She arrived early and being a first time parent I had no idea what to expect, what complications could occur and what was going to happen. My wife had no idea she was having contractions and was planning on going to work after her appointment that very same day. As my wife was on the operating table I knew at that moment how precious life is and especially those closest to me and how could I turn back time or how can I remember this moment if all went wrong.

That’s when it hit me, that’s when I knew that I would make sure to document my daughter’s life and make sure we have those memories to look back upon and that no matter what the outcome would be we would always be able to open an album and remember the happiness.

Well my daughter was born and though she had some slight difficulties at first, she overcame the odds and is loving life today. Looking back and understanding more, I know that any baby born after a certain period has a very high success rate.

Now I know what you are saying, “that’s what every other photographer says.” Well trust me, I totally understand where you’re coming from and I get it. Today’s society is all about snapping pictures on their phones of everything. That everyone out there states the same thing, “I’m a professional photographer”, or “my cell phone is good enough.” Yes, yes I totally agree but have you looked back at those cell phone pics you have taken, are you in every moment you wanted to be in? or were you the one taking the photos? or were you only in the oddly held selfies?

That’s is why I started this business, I decided to use my talents to make sure other’s